Maybe Our Friends Are Our Soulmates …

I mean , it could be true right?

One thing I try not to take for granted ever, but yet sometimes I still feel I do, is the fact that I have some pretty solid friends (family included duh)  in my corner … and I want to say one thing …


Thank you. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Thank you for everything you have done.
Thank you for answering my calls when I needed you.
Thank you for not being scared to tell me the truth.
Thank you for giving into my off-the-wall  ideas and requests.
Thank you for always uplifting me and believing in me.
Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on, and for always lending an ear to listen to me.
Thank you for reminding me of all the positive in my life.
Thank you for putting up with my amazing singing and dance moves.
Thank you for willing to look outside the box.
Thank you for always having my back.
Thank you for trusting me.
Thank you for showing me that you are someone I can trust.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for never leaving.
Thank you for everything you have done.

I hope you know that I never take you for granted and I appreciate our friendship more than  you may know. I’m not perfect. I don’t get it right each time. You accept me for me and all my flaws and know that I am a work-in-progress. You give me grace and the space to grow, fall down, and get back up with lessons learned. Thank you.

Moving at a young age , going to a number of different schools growing up in different cities , and being raised to think for myself and not to follow the norm, doesn’t always add up to having life long friends you’ve known since you were 5. Yet still somehow, I have grown to have a great group of people I can turn to no matter what.

One thing I’ve learned, especially within the past couple of years, that it really isn’t about how long you’ve known someone, but about their character and how they value your relationship. I have friends that I’ve grown close to in the past year that add more value to my life and genuinely have good intentions for me and our friendship than people I’ve known for 5+ years.

Focus your time and energy to those people who have shown you and proven to you that they hold you down through it all. They’re the people to see all sides of you and love you anyway. They know your heart, they know your character, and they vibe with that and never make you second guess yourself of your friendship. Those are the real MVPs.

You’ve got to keep the kind of people
that make you feel
as if you could achieve the impossible
… at any given time

– r.m. drake

Thank you friends. Thank you family. Thank you for always believing in me and helping me become the best version of me possible. Couldn’t get through the days without ya!

WalkByFaith friends .


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